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Hubhive11 coworking space in Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Delhi


Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Delhi

Metro/Rail Connectivity

Dedicated Desks

₹5,499 per desk/month

₹5,499 /desk

Private Cabins

₹5,999 per desk/month

₹5,999 /desk

Hubhive11 coworking space in Okhla, Delhi


Okhla, Delhi

Metro/Rail Connectivity

Dedicated Desks

₹8,499 per desk/month

₹8,499 /desk

Private Cabins

₹9,499 per desk/month

₹9,499 /desk

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HUBHIVE11 coworking space in Saket, Delhi


Saket, Delhi

Metro/Rail Connectivity

Dedicated Desks

₹11,999 per desk/month

₹11,999 /desk

Private Cabins

₹13,999 per desk/month

₹13,999 /desk

Why choose BHIVE Workspace?

BHIVE workspace offers coworking places for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and enterprises where you can avail of extensive workspace benefits within a flexible environment. They help enterprises access amenities and collaborate with peers without risking long-term leases. It is an affordable working space that fosters a sense of community among your employees and allows you to work at your specified schedule. You can enjoy access to our managed office spaces, coworking spaces, and virtual offices as per your preferences and budget.

Amenities of BHIVE Workspace

BHIVE workspace offers varied benefits according to different plans. The amenities also vary depending on the managed office, coworking space, or virtual office space.

The managed office spaces at BHIVE Workspace offer various amenities that can help make work more productive and efficient. For instance, the dry pantry is a convenient space where you can keep snacks and beverages for employees. Additionally, storage spaces and shelving units for electronic appliances help keep workspaces organized and clutter-free.

The co-founder offices and CEO cabins provide private spaces for team leaders to conduct meetings or work on important tasks. Collaborative open spaces, private pods for taking calls, and the stepped-up discussion booth offer different settings to work based on the type of work or level of privacy needed. Overall, these amenities can help make work more enjoyable and effective, which can boost productivity and business growth.

BHIVE Workspace also offers a virtual office plan that allows startups and small businesses to register their company at any of BHIVE's centers and use the center's address as their business address. This enables businesses to maintain a professional image without having to incur the expenses of a physical office.

Some of the amenities that come with BHIVE's virtual office plan include the collection of emails and couriers, 40-day access to BHIVE workspace with internet access, a lounge, and beverages. This allows businesses to have a place to work and meet clients if required. Additionally, BHIVE also offers CA support to register the company at an extra cost. Overall, a virtual office plan from BHIVE can provide small businesses with the benefits of a professional workspace without having to commit to a long-term lease or large upfront costs.

Benefits of BHIVE Workspaces

The coworking space provides standard tools that are available to any business or individual using their services. These tools include high-speed internet with leased line and broadband backup, electricity with UPS backup, 24x7 working facility, free parking, Wi-Fi, unlimited beverages, fresh drinking water, common balcony, lounge, and discussion rooms, toilets with toiletries, and in-house security and maintenance staff. The space also features fully equipped kitchen facilities with a fridge, microwave, and crockery. Conference rooms, discussion rooms, and meeting rooms are available under a "free to use and pay to reserve" policy.

Membership Benefits of BHIVE Workspace

The members of BHIVE coworking space can benefit from various facilities including networking events with investors and entrepreneurs, registration of a company through BHIVE, access to a well-networked BHIVE community, access to technical partners, 50% discount on annual fees for QuickBooks, partnership with Amazon for the AWS Activate Program, and free cloud credits and MOU with the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program.

Community Benefits of BHIVE Workspace

You can network with business professionals, mentors, and entrepreneurs and share knowledge. You will get a constant flow of information and learn the business culture. Working with and co-creating with other businesses will help you seek great opportunities.

Event Benefits of BHIVE Workspace

You can access special events curated to amplify your business perspective. You can market your business on this platform and learn while interacting with the community.

Locations of BHIVE Workspace

The company has office spaces available in different locations across Bengaluru, including HSR Layout Sector 3 and Sector 2, HSR Layout Sector 6, Primrose Road, HSR Layout 27th Main, Indiranagar 80ft Road, MG Road, and Whitefield Campus.

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BHIVE Workspace is present in Mathura Road, Saket and Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate in Delhi.